Date started 04.16.2022
Website idea A mobile only website that plays with the intermittent connectivity on the New York City subway to show visitors something different when they are in a station vs when they are in a tunnel.
Tools needed CSS classes for 'online' vs 'offline', a way to check if the device is on or offline, maybe a way to randomize the content each time a person is online or offline.

💾 Notes
04.16.2022 Came across the 'slow thoughts' website and was inspired by their requirement that visitors be offline in order to write a note and sign up for the site. I thought about when I'm naturally offline, and riding the subway came to mind for me after a very long trip up to the NY Botanical Garden to see their orchid show.

When thinking of a group of people who I 'love' in a non-romantic sense, my fellow New Yorkers and subway patrons are high on my list. What would it be like to build something just for this group of people -- this group that is so diverse but connected in our ability to just not have wifi in between underground stations. What would I want to gift them?
04.17.2022 Spent sometime thinking about this idea and talking with my partner and a friend about it. Now I feel like it's something I could figure out how to make, but I'm still really stuck on what the online and offline messages should be. I feel like one constraint from this class / Glitch is a lack of a database, so probably people won't be adding content.
Mostly stuck on the idea that subway rides can be really long and I'd like for this website to be something that was fun to spend time on during a long trip (eg. not completely static content) but also something that can be revisted again (not a single use website for a visitor). Maybe these ideas are beyond what I can make right now though?
04.18.2022 Felt stuck on this idea, so I decieded to build out a template I can use for taking notes on projects in a public way. I built this template first to document a shirt I'm making out of an old soap bag.
04.21.2022 Had a very helpful office hours session with Max. Here are my notes:
  • Use Javascript: - Have something in a loop every second or two seconds trying to make a request to a website (if you get a response then you’re online, no response then you are offline). - If it’s offline use Class:offline vs. class:online
  • Have some kind of timeout for requests
  • Location awareness? (Skip this for now!), Location aware browsing (website will ask for permission), IP address might have some sort of location data attached